Stripe Integration

Record payment event data via Stripe webhooks.

Stripe is a fantastic payment processing API. Their webhooks make it super easy to get your Stripe event data into Keen. Here’s a 1 min video guide.

Our Stripe Guides including our show you how to make revenue growth line charts and other fun stuff!

Integration with Stripe is just four easy steps:

  1. Login to Keen and copy your Project ID and Write Key.

  2. Login to Stripe and head over to your Account Settings. Select the Webhooks tab and click the “Add URL” button.

  3. Construct your webhook URL. Since Stripe already sends payment events in JSON form, integration is simple. We simply need to give them a URL to send the events to. The URL will look like this:

  4. Set the Mode to Live.

That’s it! Now, as your events happen in Stripe they will be posted to Keen in a new collection, appropriately called “Stripe_Events”.