Events-Based Billing

Harness the power of event data to provide ultra-personalized billing for your users.

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Bill on Any Aspect of Your Event Data

Keen is now integrated with Chargify to give you instant access to all your Keen data directly within the Chargify platform. Chargify is the world leader in billing and revenue management for B2B SaaS companies. 
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Stay Ahead of Your Competitors by Leveraging Events-Based Billing

Events-Based Billing lets you step beyond standard usage based billing by leveraging the massive amounts of event data that you already collect. Stream all your events into Keen and you’ll be able to bill on any aspect of the event directly in Chargify.

  • Unlike usage based billing, events are collected in real-time, without having to cut off all the valuable attributes that provide insight into the products and services you are delivering.
  • Since data is real-time, that means you can analyze, slice, and dice your data to discover the best, most valuable pricing for your products and services.

Real-Time Event Streaming

Stream large event datasets in real-time to a single, integrated event data store and billing engine.




Analyze and Prototype

Instantly analyze and test “What-If” pricing scenarios. Rapidly test and deploy multi-dimensional pricing models at scale.

Instant Reporting

Use real time reporting, visualizations, and predictive analytics to manage the unpredictability of event-based revenue.

Build Events-Based Billing Models with Chargify

Stream Event Data From Anywhere

Define and collect event data from anywhere with a single API. If you’re already a Keen customer, you’re halfway there! Leverage existing streams you already have up and running, or create a new Keen data stream. 


View and Analyze Your Data in Chargify

Once you’ve set up your data streaming to Keen, you’ll be able to view and analyze your data directly within the Chargify user interface. Even better, since Chargify utilizes Keen’s powerful compute and query functionalities it’s easy to perform complex computations , iterate quickly, find insights, and elevate your product.


Create Your Metrics and Products

Now that you’ve determined which event attributes are most meaningful to your business, you’ll be able to create custom metrics and products within Chargify, allowing you to bill users in ways you previously couldn’t. You could bill based on number of email messages sent, videos watched, servers accessed, or SMS messages sent, to name a few.

Automate Your Billing with Chargify

Digging through and organizing your data shouldn’t be where your valuable time is spent. Report and experiment on new billing models in Chargify. Forecast revenue, generate reports instantly and bill your customers based on value and usage of your product. Once your products are created, Chargify automates the entire process, from billing to invoicing, to charging customer via credit card or ACH.