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Most pricing tiers are like a pair of jeans that don't quite fit. With Keen, the price fits just right, even as your business or project grows. Custom jeans can't even do that.

Pay for what you use

Monthly billing based on how much new data you collect, how much you crunch, and other add-ons.

Streams $ 10 per 1 Million events streamed
Compute $ 1 per 100 Million properties scanned
Access $ 1 per Key (monthly)

Dedicated expertise and tailored contracts for businesses at scale.

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Don't worry about getting your project off the ground. If your usage is under $20 per month, it's on us.

Collect event data from anywhere, add rich custom attributes, and send it wherever you need.

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Events Streamed

Send incredibly rich events with up to 1,000 custom properties.

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$10 per 1 Million Events

Stream to File Systems

Stream your enriched data to cloud file systems. Amazon S3 is currently supported.

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Add valuable context to your data like location, source attribution, referral info, account data, and more.

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Developers use Keen’s highly available APIs to build analytics features directly into their software.

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Run analysis like count, count_unique, median, average, extraction, and funnel. When you issue a query to the Keen Compute API, costs are calculated from the number event properties scanned to perform the query. See how this is calculated.

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$1 per 100 Million Properties Scanned

Cached Queries

Run queries in the background on a recurring schedule and cache the most recent results for predictable compute costs. Your applications can retrieve these results instantly to deliver a consistent user experience.

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$5 per Cached Query

monthly (+properties scanned)

Cached Datasets

Early Release

Pre-compute aggregations of your data across time and arbitrary indexes such as or location.postal_code to build snappy, interactive dashboards. Achieve sub-second query response times and reduce your compute costs on similar and frequently run queries.

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$10 per Cached Dataset

monthly (+properties scanned)

Design and programmatically provision role-based data access for all your users or customers.

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Control who has access to which data using API Keys. These let you bake business rules and multi-level RBAC logic into your applications. You can generate, update, and revoke keys via API or through our website. Call us about volume discounts.

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Organize your data by creating separate projects for your development and production environments, and for different applications. The first project is free.

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$5 per Project


Custom SSL Domain

Create a custom domain as an alias for our API. Make API requests to instead of for a white-labeled customer experience.

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$500 per Domain


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