Data Explorer Guide

Getting Started with the Data Explorer UI

This guide covers:

Analyze Your Data Using the Data Explorer

Once you have completed our onboarding, you can proceed to Step 1 below:

Step 1: Login to your Keen Account and Click on the “Streams” Tab

Keen Streams Manager

Under the Streams tab, you will see all Event Collections that were streamed into the Project titled “My First Project (dev)”


Step 2: Click the “Explorer” Tab to start running some basic Queries

Data Explorer: Run Query

  1. Analysis Type - there are 11 analysis types for you to choose from. Here is a link to read up on what those are.
  2. Event Collection - used to logically organize all the events happening in your application. Events belong in a collection together when they can be described by similar properties.
  3. Target Property - the number of target properties in a data set can vary from as many as a few to hundreds of different properties.
  4. Timeframe - you can choose between Relative or Absolute timeframes when extracting your data. When using a Relative timeframe, “this” 14 days means you are extracting data from the last 14 days including the current day.
  5. Group By - adding “Group By” properties allow you to view results categorically.
  6. Filters - adding “Filters” allow you to refine the scope of your query.
  7. Interval - adding an “Interval” will give you a line graph over time.

Enter sum as the “Analysis Type,” select purchases as the “Event Collection,” select keen.timestamp as the “Target Property” and hit “Run Query.” This query lets you know the total revenue for the month of January 2018.


Save Your Query and Make Your First Dashboard

Step 1: Save any Query by giving it a Name and clicking “Save”

Save Your Query

Once you’ve successfully saved a query, you can use that query to create a Dashboard.


Step 2: Add your graph to a Dashboard

Select the “Dashboards” tab and you will be taken to this page:

Create Dashboard


To start, select “Create a dashboard now!” and you will be taken to the next page where you can:

  1. Give your Dashboard a Name
  2. Choose which saved query you want to Graph to your Dashboard
  3. Save your Dashboard

Save Dashboard


Once you have successfully saved your new Dashboard, you should see this:

Save Dashboard Complete


You can now refresh the page and your Dashboard should be nicely populated with your saved query!

Dashboard Visual


Now that you are an expert at using Keen’s Data Explorer, you can start creating your own custom visualizations!