Event Data Solutions

Use event data to capture behaviors and activities within your product to provide rich insights.

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“Keen took what would have taken us over a year to develop and got things up and running within 2 weeks. They made it super easy.”

Active Prospect - Alex Wolfe
Alex Wolfe, CTO, Active Prospect

Keen helps you put your event data to work.

Customer-Facing Metrics

Keen gives you powerful in product analytics fast with minimal development time.

Your customers are expecting in-application data and reporting. Industry leaders are providing customers with relevant, easily consumable, and actionable data. It pays off. Customer-facing metrics bring SaaS products to the next level with acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.

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Product Analytics

No matter what your product is, leveraging product analytics drives the strategy that makes it stand out.

Companies of all sizes are utilizing product analytics to accelerate product growth, increase team innovation, and create better user experiences. Analytics tells the story of the user’s product journey, allowing companies to instantly discover important insights and rapidly take informed data-driven action.

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Business Operations

Offering users a way to track their customer engagement metrics doesn’t just benefit individual customers. Businesses are making this ability an essential part of their growth strategies. 

With Keen, gone are the days of data silos. By collecting event-based data with the Keen platform, you’ll have access to your centralized data across your entire business stack, from CRM to ERP to BI and more.

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Industry Solutions

Winning companies leverage event data to win customers.

Connect Devices & Internet of Things

A large part of Internet of Things applications typically involves management operations; you want to know what your assets are doing right now and if you need to react in some way. With Keen, collect event data to monitor and analyze your intelligent, connected products.

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B2B SaaS

Today, in-application data and reporting aren’t just nice to haves, they’re must haves. Industry leaders are providing customers with relevant, easily consumable, and actionable data.

Keen can power your analytics to get you ahead of the crowd. Utilize our platform to gain product insights, retain valuable customers, and attract new customers with updated features and capabilities.

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