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Centralized Data for Business Operations

Utilize event data with every tool your team uses, across sales, marketing, finance, and more.

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Your Data Straight To Your CRM

View real-time customer activity from your Keen Data Store directly in your CRM tools. Deliver better customer support with accurate, real-time data from a single source of truth.

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Bring Your Marketing Automation to New Heights

Deliver highly targeted marketing to your customers and prospects with real-time event data streamed from Keen. Be able to optimize your marketing campaigns with actionable insights. Even deliver personalized query results and build bespoke automated reporting features for you or your end-users.

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One Source of Data Truth

We understand the headache of trying to find valuable business insights from data that is spread across a variety of places. Use Keen to consolidate all your disparate data sources into a single, easy to access data store. What’s better? With Keen’s API it’s easy to integrate with any ERP system.

Dashboards showcasing integrations with Oracle, SAP, an Microsoft Dynamics

Stay Ahead of Competitors by Leveraging Events-Based Billing

Events-Based Billing lets you step beyond standard usage-based billing by leveraging the massive amounts of event data that you already collect. Backed by Keen’s full integration with Chargify, the world leader in billing and revenue management for B2B SaaS companies, you can harness the power of event data to provide ultra-personalized billing for your users.

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Keen Business Use Cases

Stream Data From Any Source on Every Interaction

Gather data on every important interaction, like content engagement, purchasing behaviors, ad impressions, video plays, email engagements, product views, or any custom event type. Stream from any device or platform and send it to other applications as needed.

Some sources of event streaming for Keen: iOs, Python, Ruby, PHP, to name a few

Make it Easy to Dive into the Product Data You Need

Get a true view of product usage and interactions through event-based data. You’ll be able to engage your customers in new ways by identifying areas for product improvement faster, monetizing new product features, optimizing the parts of your application users engage with the most,  and more.

Deliver Personalized Experiences to Your Users

With our robust charting library and easy-to-use design tools, you’ll be able to deliver beautiful in-application dashboards with personalized metrics fast, directly to your end-users.

One Source of Data Truth Across All Business Teams

Centralized Data Store

With Keen, all your data is stored in a secure, centralized location, making it easy to use across all your applications. This allows you to spend less time on data cleaning and maintenance, and more time querying and analyzing for insights.

API Driven

Keen lets you access all your data via APIs, making integrations across all your tools simple. Better yet, since we’re API driven, you can stream from any source that’s connected to the internet.

Secure and Scaleable

Keen security and access controls make our application safe, while our scaleable architecture keeps it available 24/7, 365.