Kafka streaming

Apache Kafka is the most widely adopted event streaming platform. To make integration of your data pipeline with Keen easy, the Kafka Inbound Cluster has been exposed and can be used to stream events into Keen.

After data is successfully streamed to Keen, it can be streamed to any external system in real time via the Kafka Outbound Cluster and a standard Kafka Consumer. This is a great way to build alerting functionality, power an event-driven product, create an integration, or simply back up your data.

Kafka Inbound Cluster

Kafka Inbound Cluster is a new interface that enables you to stream your events into Keen. It offers the same functionality as the Keen HTTP Steam API but is implemented using Kafka.

Kafka Outbound Cluster

Kafka Outbound Cluster is a new interface that enables you to stream enriched event data from Keen to external systems. Examples of popular services that consume from Kafka include ksqlDB, Materialize.io, and any system capable of consuming from Kafka with open-source Kafka connectors. This is very similar to S3 Streaming, however, the latency is only a few seconds.