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“Keen has changed the way we manage our event data and present analytics. We now have a single platform to handle the entire data lifecycle from streaming millions of events to custom dashboard creation.”

Sergiy Golub, Head of Product, Travis CI

Take Control of Your Entire Data Life Cycle

Keen platform infographic from collection of events, to outputs.

Stream, Store, Query, and Present your data from a single API.



  • Use Keen to collect any event data from any device. If it’s connected to the internet, Keen has it covered.
  • Your data is too valuable to silo. Send your data where you need it most.
  • Use enrichments and transformations to add extra dimensions and entity data from custom data sources.
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  • You expect secure data storage, Keen delivers. Decrease your operational and delivery risk with Keen. Data is totally secure through transfer through HTTPS and TLS, then stored with multi-layer AES encryption.
  • Show customers only the metrics that matter to them, restrict and secure sensitive and unnecessary data.
  • New industry regulations can create unexpected hurdles. Keen is committed to implementing major compliance updates, such as GDPR, to limit the operational impact on your business.
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  • Execute complex computations and queries via the API, no SQL required.
  • Use Keen Query on your data to find answers, insights, and metrics to embed for your customers.
  • Deliver personalized query results and build bespoke automated reporting features.
  • Use our Keen Explorer to start digging into your data to find insights that matter.
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  • Keen’s full-featured visualization library ships with the most popular chart types to get you up and running fast. Already have your own charting library? We also support a wide range of 3rd party libraries like Chart.js and Highcharts.
  • Our open-source visualization library available on Github lets you fully customize your visualizations to build to spec.
  • Start prototyping dashboards in minutes with our Dashboard Builder. Easily embed them into your product with a snippet of code.
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Keen Support and Managed Services

At Keen, we are real people who are invested in your success. Our experts are here to help every step of the way, from setting up your data models to designing compelling dashboards to ensuring consistent up-time.

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Data Modeling Set Up

Don’t let a bad data model limit your ability to use your data. Our in-house experts can help future-proof your set up so you. have the flexibility and results you need.

Data Visualization Design Services

Determining the right way to visualize your data to your customers can be challenging. We can help identify the best metrics to show and create mock-ups that are ready to be implemented into your product.

Global Support & Dev Teams

Put Keen’s people on pager duty instead of yours. Our global support and development teams ensure our platform is up and running, 24/7 so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Security & Compliance

With Keen, your data is totally secure and up to the latest standards. We are committed to implementing major compliance updates, such as GDPR, to limit the operational impact on your business.