Real-Time Analytics

Use Keen’s powerful query and compute functions to find valuable answers and insights.

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Use data to super-charge your product

Powered by technologies like Apache Storm®, DynamoDB, Redis, and AWS Lambda,  our compute platform lets you iterate quickly, find insights, and elevate your product.

Use data transformations and calculations within the UI to be able to quickly prototype and test.

Keen Compute works seamlessly with Keen Streams. Each event recorded is available for querying within seconds of occurrence.

Utilize advanced query-caching functionality with consistent sub-second response times.

Use data to help your customers make programmatic decisions.

example API call

Keen Compute REST API

Keen Compute offers core analytics functions like count_unique, min/max, median, average, segmentation, advanced filtering, and funnels. Our SDKs make it easy to query data from anywhere in your stack.

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Full resolution queries & raw data download

Keen stores your data in full resolution and offers powerful querying and precise filtering.

  • Create extraction requests for full-form event data with all property values included.
  • In a simple API request, you can even run full resolution extractions on precise segments of your data, and output to JSON or CSV format.
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charting library logos D3, HighCharts, Charts.js, and Google Charts

Build highly interactive visualization and charting

Keen Compute is designed to be compatible with any visualization, charting, or dashboarding library like Highcharts, D3, C3, Google Charts, and Chart.js.

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“Keen saved us months of work building real-time analytics into our product. Our clients love seeing actionable insights as a native part of the user experience.”

Pixlee Jeff Chen
Jeff Chen
Co-founder and Director of Engineering, Pixlee TurnTo