Design and programmatically provision role-based access for all your users and customers.

Role-based access control

Safely and securely share your analytics. Guarantee each of your users can only explore the data they need, with completely customizable permission tiers. Access Keys can be used to grant access to particular data points or the results of particular queries.

Define several layers of access for your users. Keen’s Access Keys offer fine-grained control over who sees your data. Create keys that can only see various computed results, and limit a key down to the results of specific queries. Access Keys can be created with access rules that can restrict access to data based on arbitrary properties like CustomerID or PaymentPlan.

Manage keys programmatically

Programmatically generate, revoke, or modify API Keys. For customer-facing analytics, a common pattern is to generate a key when onboarding a new account. Each key ensures that a given customer only sees data related to their account.

Customer-Facing Analytics Use Cases

Reduce your risk and maintain compliance. Securely power white-label embedded analytics products. Leverage Keen’s security features to present data in arbitrary ways without having to re-architect your security or data model to create value differentiation in your offering by selling varying levels of data access.