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The Fully Managed Event Streaming Platform

Schedule a demo to learn why Keen is the only all-in-one platform that helps you stream, store, query and present your event data to deliver ultra-personalized product experiences.

    Managed data pipeline

    Start using event-data across your entire business stack to deliver personalization at every customer touchpoint.

    Customer-Facing Metrics
    Embed unique analytics seamlessly into your application.

    Product Analytics
    Dig deeper into event data to segment your customers and further define your roadmap.

    Business Operations
    Sync within your internal SaaS tools (i.e. CRM, ERP).

    Events-Based Billing
    Implement pricing models tied directly back to customers’ behavior and usage.

    Programmatic Product Experiences
    Deliver adaptive, unique experiences based on product interactions.

    “Keen saved us months of work building real-time analytics into our product. Our clients love seeing actionable insights as a native part of the user experience.”

    Pixlee Jeff Chen
    Jeff Chen
    Co-founder, Pixlee