Extended Functionality

There are a couple of supplemental methods to send data to Keen including our Webhooks integration and bulk upload functionality from CSV and JSON. Once your data is securely stored in Keen, you can build custom analytics and seamlessly embed your dashboards anywhere. We also support sending event data to an Amazon S3 bucket for external backups, routing events to third parties, and SQL-based analysis.

Bulk Upload

You can import historical events from CSV or JSON via the command line or programmatically upload historical data using the Keen Ruby Client or Keen Python Client. Follow our Bulk Loading Guide to learn more.

S3 Streaming

When you activate this integration, we will stream your full-resolution, enriched event data to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), in your Amazon account. We go over how to configure this integration in Streaming to Amazon S3.

Webhooks Integration

We offer the following API URL that can be used as an endpoint for any service that produces webhooks:

https://api.keen.io/3.0/projects/PROJECT ID/events/EVENT_COLLECTION?api_key=WRITE_KEY

Replace PROJECT_ID, EVENT_COLLECTION, and WRITE_KEY with the Project ID, Event Collection, and Access Key you’re using. Check out our webhooks integration documentation to learn more.