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The Event Data Management Platform for B2B SaaS

Event data is at the center of winning SaaS business models.

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Build Your Application with Event Data at the Helm

Stream Data from Any Source on Every Interaction

Gather data on every important interaction, like content engagement, purchasing behaviors, ad impressions, video plays, email engagements, product views, or any custom event type. Stream from any device or platform and send it to other applications as needed.

Some sources of event streaming for Keen: iOs, Python, Ruby, PHP, to name a few

Use Keen's Query and Compute Functions to Find Valuable Insights

Use our Keen Explorer right within our application to easily dig into data to find insights that matter. Take it a step further and let your users explore and discover their own insights with flexible, self-service querying right in your application using Keen’s APIs.

Deliver Beautiful In-App Metrics

Easily build dashboards that seamlessly match your product’s look and feel with our Dashboard Creator tool. Or fully customize your visualization through our open-source, flexible visualization library.

Programmatic Security Features

Store your data securely in Keen’s analytics backend. White label analytics for thousands of customers, each with their own secure access controls that can be modified & revoked.

Three boxes showing various members will varying access to different data.

The Event Data Management Platform for B2B SaaS

One Source of Data Truth Across All Business Teams

Build Products Your Customers Want

Measure and display metrics like performance, engagement, conversion, revenue, retention, CAC, CLTV, or whatever is most important to your customer.

Embedded Analytics In your Software

Build out and extend the functionality of your core product by using Keen’s API platform for analytics. Show customers exactly how they’re performing and where to improve.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Don’t let bloated developer backlogs get in the way of new reporting features. Quickly ship new dashboards and customer-facing metrics that keep your product ahead of the pack.

Let Your Customers Query Your Data

Like our customer Active Prospect, you can leverage Keen’s querying functionality right in your application. This gives your users added functionalities while allowing you to monetize or up-charge for these new features.

Boost Engagement, Retention, and Trust

Your unique touchpoint with your customers gives you the opportunity to capture data that no one else can. Provide deep insights that tells them your product is working and keeps them coming back for more.

Empower Your Internal Teams With Data

With Keen, you can allow your entire organization, from marketing to product to customer service teams, to view user analytics with simple dashboards and filters. Make every decision fully informed by rich data on user behavior and device performance.

"Our customers can see their data and say, ‘Wow, this is actually working.’ It builds trust and really sets us apart from competitors."

Pixlee Jeff Chen
Jeff Chen
Co-founder and Director of Engineering, Pixlee TurnTo