IoT 1 – Build Smart Devices

Stream Real-Time Data From Any Connected Device

Capture millions of events from millions of devices with a single API call.

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Collect event data to monitor and analyze your intelligent, connected products.

Stream and Collect from Any Device

Define and collect real-time data from your devices to analyze usage and performance. Run programmatic analysis with Keen Compute, and send to any downstream destination.

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Some sources of event streaming for Keen: iOs, Python, Ruby, PHP, to name a few

Enrich Your Data for Added Context

Automatically enhance incoming data with location, time, weather, temperature, and other external factors unique to your business. Keen data enrichments automates otherwise complex calculations.

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photo showing regular snippet of code on left, enriched code with keen data on right

Improved Product Analytics

Freely analyze data by building flexible querying, reporting, and visualization capabilities. Keen includes powerful analytics to monitor all aspects of your devices.

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Data Security and Access Controls

Control access to data and analytics with role-based security and guarantee each of your users can only explore the data they need, with completely customizable permission tiers. Keys can be used to grant access to particular data points or the results of particular queries.

Three boxes showing various members will varying access to different data.

Event Data Management for IoT and Connected Devices

Improve Your Product with Event Based Data

Build Smart, Networked Devices

Make customers’ lives easier with breakthrough IoT products. Make usage data instantly available to display or stream to other apps and devices.

Make Equipment More Efficient

Monitor hardware and software performance to reduce operating costs. Lower maintenance costs by pre-empting product failures and minimizing downtime.

Design Better Products

Learn how customers use IoT devices at a granular level and let it guide your product development.

Empower Your Internal Teams With Data

Allow product, marketing, and customer service teams to view user analytics with simple dashboards and filters. Make every decision fully informed by rich data on user behavior and device performance.

Sell IoT Intelligence as a Service

Quickly bring your own IoT analytics product to market to offer customers premium dashboards and reporting functionality.

Embed Analytics In Your IoT Platform

Build out and extend the functionality of your core product by using Keen’s API platform for embedded analytics. Show your users metrics about their device metrics and key usage stats.

"With Keen, we’re able to spot some cases of memory leaks in the field. Finding these problems before they’re critical helps decrease outages, which keeps customers happy. We’re also able to schedule fixes, instead of having to react immediately to an unplanned outage."

Anthony Sessa
Eric Nylander
Principal Software Engineer, Polycom