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Integrate Stripe and Keen IO in 60 Seconds

For months we’ve had “Stripe integration” on our roadmap. What data could be a better measure of success than payments?? I wanted a big revenue graph next to all of our other business metrics. I also suspect there is a large overlap between Keen fans and developers who love Stripe; they’d probably find the integration useful too.

Well, last week we discovered something AWESOME! The integration is already built. Paste a Keen event collection URL into the Stripe webhooks UI and BAM, you’re collecting JSON events from Stripe. This is what happens when companies build APIs using common design standards like ReST.

The Keen URL you need to paste into Stripe looks like this:




1. The default integration is functional, but it isn’t perfect so we will probably release an endpoint in the future to better organize the stripe events.

  • separate collections for the various event types (invoicing, payments, etc)
  • timestamps matching Stripe stamps rather than the time the event is received (although they are pretty close)
  • guide for how to provide custom properties to enrich Stripe data so you can do end-to-end conversion funnels

2. If you want to display your revenue in dollars instead of cents, you can divide the result by 100 and add a $ prior to calling the draw method in the Keen javascript library. Find us in our Slack chat if you have any questions.