Chargify Integration

Billing based on event streams

Events-Based Billing is an evolved form of metered billing that is based on data-rich events streamed in real-time from your system to Chargify. These events can then be transformed, enriched, or analyzed to form the computed totals of usage charges billed to your customers.

There are two main setup configurations for this integration:

  1. Chargify Managed
  2. Bring Your Own Keen

In both scenarios all events are streamed to Keen. Keen acts as the Event Store and the Query Engine. Chargify interacts with Keen to compute charges based on your billing configuration.

If you want more information about Events-Based Billing see: Chargify Events-Based Billing Overview.

Chargify Managed setup

In this setup Keen is hidden behind Chargify proxy. You don’t interact with Keen directly. Chargify creates underlying Keen Organizations and Projects. You stream your data to Chargify which forwards it to Keen. In this setup you can’t operate directly on your data using Keen, but we plan to add this functionality in the future.

Bring Your Own Keen

This setup is best suited for current Keen users who already keep data in Keen and don’t want to change their integrations. You just configure Chargify to use your data streams from Keen for billing. So you can use the same data streams for billing and for your analytics, metrics and dashboards. Just configure Chargify and use Keen as always.

Read more about Bring Your Own Keen.

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