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var metric = new Keen.Metric("ticket_purchases", {
  analysisType: "sum",
  targetProperty: "price",
  timeframe: "yesterday"

client.draw(metric, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "metric",
  label: "Yesterday's Total Revenue"
var series = new Keen.Query("count", {
  eventCollection: "ticket_purchases",
  timeframe: "previous_7_days",
  interval: "daily"

client.draw(series, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "linechart",
  label: "Tickets",
  title: "Ticket Purchases By Day"
var data = new Keen.Query("count", {
  eventCollection: "ticket_purchases",
  timeframe: "previous_7_days",
  groupBy: "venue.state"

client.draw(data, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "piechart",
  title: "Ticket Purchases by State",
  colors: [ "#00afd7", "#49c5b1", "#e6b449", "#f35757"]
var funnel = new Keen.Query("funnel", {
  steps: [
      eventCollection: "download app",
      actorProperty: ""
      eventCollection: "create account",
      actorProperty: ""
      eventCollection: "ticket purchase",
      actorProperty: ""
  timeframe: "this_6_months"

client.draw(funnel, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  title: "User Life Cycle Funnel",
  chartType: "columnchart",
  chartOptions: {
    backgroundColor: "transparent",
    bar: {
      groupWidth: '90%'

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