Customer-Facing Metrics Made Simple

Keen is the platform that gives you powerful in-product analytics fast with minimal development time.

Your Customers are Expecting In-Application Data & Reporting

Industry leaders are providing customers with relevant, easily consumable, and actionable data. It pays off. Customer-facing metrics bring SaaS products to the next level with acquiring, engaging, and retaining customers.

Customer-facing metrics can engage your customers in new ways

Highlight your value and increase customer retention
Leverage usage data to show your customers how often they rely on your product to highlight just how beneficial it is to them.
Attract new customers with unique features
Stay ahead of the competition with unique reporting features while the other guys trudge through their backlogs.
Optimize your customers’ product usage
Help coach your customers to use your product in more productive ways through helpful metrics that guide their usage.
Monetize new features and capabilities
Create more value through differential features that your customers are willing to pay more for. Or, implement usage-based billing so their payments scale with their usage.

Building Customer-Facing Metrics Shouldn’t Be This Hard

Data delivery is becoming too complex, requiring increasing technical support to generate simple reports. Technical processes, development backlogs, and a lack of specialized resources are holding your data hostage rather than providing value to your customers.

The 9 Month Process

Keen Makes Customer-Facing Metrics as Easy as Copy + Paste

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Designed to Spec

Bring us your mock-ups, and we will implement a data model and frontend experience to match. Don’t have a mock-up? Our data visualization experts can also help design a beautiful dashboard your customers will love.

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Integrated in an Instant

Bloated developer backlogs shouldn’t get in the way of implementing the metrics you need to show. We’ll get you set up to ensure accurate and efficient data collection and provide frontend code snippets. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Done.

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Managed For You

Once your custom metrics are embedded, we’ll manage the maintenance that ensures your product dashboards are operating smoothly. We’ll keep an eye on everything from security to scalability.

customer-facing metrics dashboard

“Keen saved us months of work building real-time analytics into our product.”

With Keen’s embedded dashboards , our customers can see their data and say, ‘Wow, this is actually working.’ It builds trust with our customers and really sets us apart from competitors. These benefits stretch beyond existing clients as well. We consistently receive referrals from our clients. Part of the reason they recommend us to other people is that they are able to visualize the value. Keen makes that possible for us.
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Jeff Chen
Co-founder, Pixlee
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Keen has your customer-facing metrics covered. What’s next on your roadmap?

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