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Since Keen has mastered the heavy lifts of data collection, analysis, and querying, we can focus on creating the best-looking news site in the world.

Marcus Moretti
Director of Growth & Editorial Products, Mic.com
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var metric = new Keen.Query("ticket_purchases", {
  analysisType: "sum",
  targetProperty: "price",
  timeframe: "yesterday"

client.draw(metric, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "metric",
  label: "Yesterday's Total Revenue"
var series = new Keen.Query("count", {
  eventCollection: "ticket_purchases",
  timeframe: "previous_7_days",
  interval: "daily"

client.draw(series, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "linechart",
  label: "Tickets",
  title: "Ticket Purchases By Day"
var data = new Keen.Query("count", {
  eventCollection: "ticket_purchases",
  timeframe: "previous_7_days",
  groupBy: "venue.state"

client.draw(data, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  chartType: "piechart",
  title: "Ticket Purchases by State",
  colors: [ "#00afd7", "#49c5b1", "#e6b449", "#f35757"]
var funnel = new Keen.Query("funnel", {
  steps: [
      eventCollection: "download app",
      actorProperty: "user.id"
      eventCollection: "create account",
      actorProperty: "user.id"
      eventCollection: "ticket purchase",
      actorProperty: "user.id"
  timeframe: "this_6_months"

client.draw(funnel, document.getElementById("chartEl"), {
  title: "User Life Cycle Funnel",
  chartType: "columnchart",
  chartOptions: {
    backgroundColor: "transparent",
    bar: {
      groupWidth: '90%'

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Keep users engaged and increase purchases by measuring open rates, click-throughs, attribution, and more.

Performance Monitoring

Track errors, response times, and latency to get real-time performance data for your servers and APIs.

Video Analytics

Get granular analysis on plays, time spent, starts, stops, shares, and repeats to understand what resonates most.

Content Analytics

Get detailed analytics on pageviews, reads, shares, and referrers to deliver the most effective content.

Product Analytics

Measure engagement, features, cohorts, funnels, LTV - all the data you need to build the best products possible.

Sensor Analytics

How fast? How hot? How active? How bright? If your connected device can detect it, Keen can analyze it.

Growth Analytics

Drive user acquisition and product adoption by tracking conversion, referrals, and attributions with real-time KPIs.

Revenue Analytics

Evaluate revenue growth, sales performance, ARR, MRR, and repeat purchase rate for all your users.

Advertising Analytics

Monitor ad performance to optimize campaigns by evaluating impressions, CTRs, spend, and deliverability.

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