Reekoh Integration

Build and scale your custom IoT platform

Reekoh is a highly extensible IoT Platform-as-a-Service and developer ecosystem. Core instances can be easily created in a number of cloud environments, and then customized specifically for your IoT app and deployments through the Reekoh Plugin Store.

Reekoh Logo

Reekoh allows for IoT device data to be synchronized with for analytics and data visualization.

Integration with is done simply through installing the free Connector into your Reekoh instance from the Plugin Store.

  1. Create a Reekoh account

  2. Spin up an instance of Reekoh (sandbox or production plans available) and log into the Instance Manager Console

  3. Navigate to Plugins > Plugin Store and install the Connector Plugin, along with others than you need to connect your devices and services

  4. Navigate to Topologies > Add New Topology, create a new Topology (a simple data workflow) and select under Connectors.

  5. Configure the connector with your Project ID, Write Key and Collection, plus any other data filter or converter you want to apply before the data hits

  6. Save your Topology.

That’s it! Any live devices that you have registered to that Reekoh instance and configured through a Topology (that also has as a Connector in the Topology), will now be streaming real-time data through to your project for analysis and visualization.