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Improved Product Analytics

Get a true view of product usage and interaction through event-based data.

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Keen Makes it Easy to Dive into the Product Data You Need

Stream Data from Any Device on Any Interaction

Define and collect data on every touchpoint of your customer’s product journey from any device or platform. Store your event-based data securely in Keen to gain valuable insights on product usage and performance.

Some sources of event streaming for Keen: iOs, Python, Ruby, PHP, to name a few

Use Keen's Query and Compute Functions to Find Valuable Insights

Use our Keen Explorer right within our application to easily dig into data to find insights that matter. Take it a step further and let your users explore and discover their own insights with flexible, self-service querying right in your application using Keen’s APIs.

Embed Important, Actionable Metrics Directly into Your App

Take your product analytics to the next level by delivering important, actionable metrics straight to your end-users. Start prototyping dashboards in minutes with our Dashboard Builder and easily embed them into your product with a snippet of code.

Store Your Data Securely and Safely

With Keen, data is securely transferred through HTTPS and TLS, then stored with multi-layer AES encryption. We’re also committed to implementing major compliance updates, such as GDPR and CCPA, to limit the operational impact on your business.

Three boxes showing various members will varying access to different data.

Keen Product Analytics Use Cases

Identify and Solve Product Issues Faster

Utilize Keen to gain valuable user insights on product performance and implement solutions tailored to your end-users.

Enhance User Experiences Through Product Optimization

Dive deeper into the user’s product journey to instantly discover important insights and rapidly take informed data-driven action. Discover opportunities to provide end-users with personalized experiences based on their product usage.

Show Customers Your Value

Highlight your value by leveraging event-based data to show your customers how often they rely on your product. Improve customer loyalty and extend customer lifetime value by uncovering the right insights faster.

Launch New Features Faster

Utilize Keen to understand which features are most valuable to your users, slashing ship times and increasing product rollout efficiency.