Introducing: New Dashboard Builder Beta

Hold on to your data, because we have a major release coming your way! We’re extremely excited to introduce Dashboard Builder from Keen.


Introducing: New Theme Builder

Hey Keensters!

Ever wanted to customize your Keen Dataviz charts with your company or client’s design palette? Now you can! Introducing the new Theme Builder from Keen.


Introducing a new filter type: regex

Hello Keen community! We are happy to announce a new filter type — regex — to allow more complex searches on property names. What is


New Charts for Funnel Analysis

Keen is excited to share with you our newest funnel charts. Funnels are a great analysis type that can be used for customers across a


Upcoming Changes to Cached Datasets

Here’s the tl;dr: We all know that customer-facing metrics improve the user experience but that experience can quickly be soured by long loading times. Cached


Keen Roadmap – 2019

Last year we laid the groundwork to provide you with the best customer-facing metrics platform to build *your* product on. While we did a ton


Standard Deviation Query Type

Hello Keen Community! We have released a new query type, standard deviation, to add even more flexibility to your computing capabilities. What is a standard

Flexible client-side caching with Keen

Flexible Client-side Caching

At Keen one of the things we’re focusing on is decreasing “time to first insight” as we want to make it easy for you to

IP anonymization for Geo Enrichment with Keen

IP Anonymization for Geo Enrichment

Back in May, we detailed our accomplishments in terms of keeping your data GDPR compliant. Part of our progress included a powerful internal toolset which