Data Visualization

So you’re collecting a bunch of awesome data, and now you’d like to visualize it in the dashboard of your dreams.

We have a great set of tools to turn your data into charts you can embed on your internal dashboard, customer-facing site, or anywhere else you want. In fact when you build a query using the Keen IO workbench, it automatically generates JavaScript code snippets you can copy and paste!

Check out our JavaScript SDK Usage Guide and JavaScript SDK Reference to learn more!

Want a totally custom look and feel? Because all of our query capabilities are exposed by API, you can use Keen IO with any charting library.

One more thing... there are lots of other great data exploration tools out there. It’s super easy to extract your Keen IO data, or a filtered set of data, into a CSV file that you can work with in Excel, Tableau, Data Hero, or another other tool of your choice.

If you’re looking for ways to manipulate data from multiple queries and then visualize them, see our custom visualization documentation.

Example Keen IO Vizualizations:


Check out the SDK reference for Number



Check out the SDK reference for LineChart


Check out the SDK reference for PieChart


Check out the SDK reference for Multi-Line


Check out the SDK reference for FunnelChart

With a filter - showing data for iOS users only

So, what are you waiting for? It only takes a few minutes and a few lines of code to start collecting the events that really matter to you.

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