At Keen, we love great data.

But, even more so, we love great code and design that shows off that data. With that in mind, we started ReallyGoodMetrics. Here, we’ll share some neat ways that products are integrating customer-facing metrics and discuss what we’re cooking up at Keen to make it faster and easier to give customers the metrics they’ll love.

We hope you enjoy it!

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How I integrated Keen IO and Ducksboard

Michelle here again. In my previous blog post, I described how I used Keen IO’s analysis query builder to answer questions about the health of


Spying on you guys is so much fun!

Hola. Michelle here. The past couple of weeks have been super exciting. We released a new version of our analytics API, a new UI, and


Work with People you Love

Hey all, Dan here again. I’ve struggled a lot with how to write this post. I’ve known for quite some time that I wanted to


Keen (Un)Happy Hour Was A Success

You know what’s awesome? When people you respect tell you how great you are. You know what’s less than awesome? When people you respect shit


Pricing is hard. We need your help.

Morning all! Chief Fretting Officer Kirk here with another fret. How do we keep the lights on? A core value at Keen is radical transparency.


Back in the Saddle

Hi! Dan here. Just wanted to post a quick note. A little while ago, Kirk wrote about how most of our team was headed off to Burning Man while