Build a Sales Machine from the Ground Up


We’re 6 friendly engineers and 1 designer (also friendly) drowning in sales leads. We need YOU to build the machine that turns them into uncapped income for you and our company.

Every month we get hundreds of new account signups and we personally meet dozens of companies with problems we’re uniquely positioned to solve. We’ve got thousands of contacts in Salesforce, just waiting to be tapped.

We’re looking for an entrepreneur that wants to build a sales machine from the ground up. Someone who thrives in a target-rich, rapidly moving startup. Someone who will deploy drip campaigns, sales automation, coffee meetings, newsletters, personal emails, and whatever else they can think up to turn Leads into happy paying customers. Does this sound like you?

  • I’d rather invent the process than execute it (but I can execute too).
  • I wield technology to achieve leverage.
  • I know how to close a sale.
  • I love to learn.
  • I’m competitive.
  • I’m a player-coach.
  • I’m comfortable making a cold call.
  • I want to sell a product that people love.
  • I’m financially motivated.
  • I’m energized by a massive sales pipeline, and the idea of tackling it systematically.
  • Closing deals is pure joy, but a solid “no” is satisfying too.
  • I’m comfortable talking to developers, startup CTOs, enterprise buyers, the C-suite, and your grandma.
  • I’ll challenge companies to think about their problem a new (better) way.
  • I enjoy beautiful working environments such as Heavybit in downtown San Francisco.
  • I like to think about the business as a whole — like a founder would.
  • I thrive in an unstructured environment with no manager.
  • I can work the sales process end-to-end, from long term vision to day-to-day task execution.
  • I speak APIs & analytics fluently, or would love to teach myself how.
  • I want to play a significant part in building a great company.

We want to talk right away! Email your LinkedIn profile to and we’ll set up a meeting ASAP.

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