At Keen, we love great data.

But, even more so, we love great code and design that shows off that data. With that in mind, we started ReallyGoodMetrics. Here, we’ll share some neat ways that products are integrating customer-facing metrics and discuss what we’re cooking up at Keen to make it faster and easier to give customers the metrics they’ll love.

We hope you enjoy it!

Want to learn more about how Keen can help you deliver customer-facing metrics? Reach out to our team today to see our product in action!


Introducing: New Dashboard Builder Beta

Hold on to your data, because we have a major release coming your way! We’re extremely excited to introduce Dashboard Builder from Keen.


Introducing: New Theme Builder

Hey Keensters!

Ever wanted to customize your Keen Dataviz charts with your company or client’s design palette? Now you can! Introducing the new Theme Builder from Keen.


Introducing a new filter type: regex

Hello Keen community! We are happy to announce a new filter type — regex — to allow more complex searches on property names. What is