Is it a millennials thing?

Earlier this month I published a very personal piece on our company blog, an internal memo I wrote to my entire team. I got a


Updating Keen’s API Status Codes

This week we’re pleased to ship some small changes to make our API responses a bit more precise when a problem is encountered. We’re doing


Introducing Saved and Cached Queries

We’ve been working hard to bring you some new features in the Data Explorer. We’re super excited to announce TWO exciting new features today, Saved


Announcing a Particle Integration

Today we’re excited to announce that we have an integration with Particle! We’re big fans (and users) of Particle’s IoT platform. Just like Keen IO replaces your analytics


New status page metrics

Devin, one of our platform engineers, recently made a change to our Keen IO Status page. He sent out a great email to the rest


DataViz Show and Tell

Thank you to everyone who listened, shared, and asked questions at our first Data Visualization Show and Tell. We learned a lot and had tons


Announcing New Docs for Keen IO

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Keen API Documentation. We’ve updated both the content and design of our documentation to make it


We have a changelog!

Hey Keen-folk! I’ve been giving weekly updates in our developer group about work we’ve completed at Keen to keep everyone informed. This week I’m shifting