Collect event data from anywhere, add rich attributes, and send it wherever you need.

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Capture and enhance your data.

A fully customizable, highly available data pipeline at a lower total cost of ownership.

Start immediately and get value faster.

Put Keen’s people on pager duty instead of yours.

Build exactly what you need with a fully customizable stack. You have total control over what data is collected and how it’s described.

Decrease your operational and delivery risk. Avoid the inevitable headaches that come with maintaining a fault-tolerant data pipeline.

“The biggest thing we were looking for was flexibility—the ability to collect data from any interaction on any media property. We didn’t want to conform to what other analytics platforms thought was a good metric. We needed control over how we were collecting and analyzing our data.”

Anthony Sessa
VP, Product and Engineering,

Stream data from any source.

Use Keen’s powerful REST API & SDKs to collect event data from anything connected to the internet: your websites, apps, backend servers, smart devices, third party systems, etc.

Keen SDKs

POST from anywhere in your stack with over 15 SDKs from JavaScript to Go.

batch upload

Batch upload historical data from your production systems.

Keen Integrations

Easily connect data streams and webhooks like Stripe, Heroku, Segment, SendGrid, and more.

Enrich & transform.

Add additional details to the billions of events you capture.

Enrich data with city, state, country, browser, weekday, and quarter

Use enrichments to add dimensions like location, weekday, access device, and more.

join with custom data sources

Use transformations to add entity data from custom data sources.

Send data wherever you need it.

Your data is one of your most valuable assets. Make the most of it.

Amazon S3, Azure, Google, IBM Watson Data Platform.

Stream enriched data to systems like Amazon S3, Azure, Google BigQuery, or the IBM Watson Data Platform.

Keen DB for Keen Compute

Effortlessly store data with Keen for instant querying and building real-time data products with Keen Compute.

Apps like Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, etc.

Stream enriched data to Google BigQuery and harness the power of SQL with BI tools like Informatica, Looker, Qlik, SnapLogic, Tableau, Talend, and Google Analytics.

Now Streaming to Google BigQuery Use SQL and powerful BI tools to explore and analyze your event data. »

Let's build something great.

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