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The Year So Far: Roadmap 2019 Product Check-In

Earlier this year we discussed how we’re ramping up to deliver many more features to improve performance and accessibility, as well as reduce the leg work from building out your applications queries, charts, and dashboards. 

Keen “gifts” include:

  1. Higher velocity: so you can ship customer-facing metrics quickly and get back to building other awesome features for your product.
  2. More Flexibility: so you always have options to leverage Keen seamlessly in your stack whatever it may be.
  3. Lower overhead: because you shouldn’t have to constantly be hands-on when managing your analytics stack.

By compartmentalizing what you need, Keen has been able to execute with laser sharp focus. We continue to strive in being dynamic in terms of development and thoughtful in terms of a customer-centric build strategy.

Highlights from our post-mid-year check-in include:

Dashboard Build Beta:
The dashboard tab existed to rapidly prototype but it’s since become the place to build the base of your Charts and KPIs for display. We’ve extended this to now export the dashboard copy/paste and embed into your UI entirely.

Theme Builder:
Matching your color palette is a must, so we’ve delivered on a tool that allows for both hex and RGB customization.

Regular Expressions:
When it comes to our query expressivity, we know that drilling down on your event streams leads to better delivery and customer experience.

Significant Fixes:

  • stay on current page when switching projects
  • ability to filter access keys by name, admins by email
  • toggle column on mouse over “Menu” button on smaller mobile screens
  • Horizontal navigation on smaller desktop screens

We’ve intentionally made Keen out to be more of a partner than a simple service provider, so we encourage you to reach out and let us know if there’s something you’d like to see, or if you have feedback on a feature or two. Have a request in mind?

Keen Explorer Updates
We promised you and delivered on:

Feature parity – We’ve made sure that Explorer has near feature parity with our API. You are now able to leverage things like Limit & Order By, as well as use new query types like Standard Deviations and OR Filters. Now adding regular expressions to the list.

UX Improvements – We’ve now released Explorer V6 which has 3d chart types and an upgraded visualization library.

Features on the Horizon

Enhanced visualizations:
We’re looking to extend Keen’s charts and dashboard attributes.
Examples would include maps, heat maps, scatter plots, and more.

Performance features such as support for “Indexed” Use Cases:
Presenting metrics to your customers typically involves a lot of queries that are “parameterized” or “indexed” by a property such as `account_id`. Cached datasets provide a mechanism to handle this indexing in many common scenarios, but we think we can do a lot better. We’re working on a brand new design to enable you to show much more (and more valuable) information to your customers, without sacrificing speed or cost.

Proof of Concept Designs:
Building new scenarios focused on the following use-cases
– Helpdesk demos for surveys, ticketing, NPS scoring
– Sales CRM, identifying leads, funnels, sales cycles

And updating our e-commerce demo application which showcases page views, add to carts, purchase funnels, month of month trend lines, item popularity metrics, and seasonal trends.

Closing Thoughts

We’re aiming to provide the simplest and easiest path to customer-facing metrics. By enabling you to collect and manage events, develop new insights, and seamlessly integrate them into your application, we can finish the year strong and strive for an amazing 2020. Please follow along on https://keen.canny.io/feature-requests as well.

Lastly, if you’re new to Keen and interested in checking out our platform you can sign up here, or reach out to chat with one of our solution engineers for a sales demonstration.