Today we’re excited to announce that we have an integration with Reekoh!

Reekoh is a new IoT Platform-as-a-Service, with a unique and powerful “app store” model for customization. There are many IoT platforms entering the market, but Reekoh takes extensibility to a new level with Plugins.

Plugins are the way that users can build the custom features and data flows they need for their specific IoT application and deployments. Plugins allow users to easily and quickly build integrations to communication gateways, storage options, cloud service connectors and platforms, as well as other development stack tools such as loggers and exception handlers.

So how does Keen IO and Reekoh work together?

The Keen IO Connector is one of the first Plugins released to the Reekoh Plugin Store, because powerful visualization and analysis of device data is a core component to IoT solutions. Using the Keen IO plugin for Reekoh means it only takes minutes to configure your integration.

Reekoh’s approach gives developers a powerful IoTbackend platform that can make working with large numbers of cross-vendor devices, protocols and systems a seamless experience, and scalable from prototype to enterprise deployment.

Check out the integration guide to get startedLet us know what you thinkand happy hacking.