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Yesterday we told the world about Native Analytics — the latest offering from Keen IO, which is helping developers and businesses embed analytics and deliver insights to their audience (customers, partners, etc) via custom visualizations within their user-facing products.

Today, we’re announcing a project in collaboration with our friends at Stream.

The project is called Cabin — cute, huh? Cabin offers developers a series of tutorials to teach you how to build an application using React and Redux. Each installment in the series is based on a unique technology (APIs, cloud-services, etc) that makes it easy for a developer to add meaningful functionality to her app. With the powers of each “component” combined, one can create a full-featured application with relative ease.

Where Keen fits into Cabin

One important aspect of Cabin is its analytics page, which displays stats like how many people have viewed your profile and the number of views for each image you’ve submitted to the Cabin community. They used features from Keen’s Native Analytics to power the stats page of the Cabin React example app. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like:

How did this come to be?

Stream — the API for scalable feeds — asked us to join them and several other developer-tools companies to create Cabin, which is, at its heart, an tutorial-based educational experience to help developers learn how to build a feature-rich, scalable social network application.

We’re quite stoked for this opportunity to work with other great companies to support the growth and advancement of software development, while illustrating the powerful possibilities that open up with the combination of some of the world’s most advanced APIs and platforms.

If you’re stoked, too, head on over to Stream’s blog for the full tutorial. And go here to learn more about the Cabin project, other participating companies, and further tutorials for learning fun!

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