Announcing: Search on Keen Docs

We’ve been spending time working on the Developer Experience of using Keen, making the Keen documentation searchable is one of the first updates with more to come.

Try it out here!


In the weeks to come, we’re excited to write a technical blog post on how we implemented search in our docs with Algolia. At Keen IO, we are a developer-first company and believe in creating a world-class developer experience. We have functional tools and API’s for our developers to build applications that show off their data quickly. And we also believe that the workflow on our site should be as easy-to-use as possible, and we’re committed to creating this positive Developer Experience.

Do you have feedback for our Developer Experience? Just drop us a comment or write to us at

Happy Coding!

–Developer Advocacy Team


hint: this image from our search contains an easter egg 😉

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