Data Analysis APIsΒΆ

We are passionate about building powerful analysis APIs so you can get the most out of your data. Our services could be the building blocks for your new custom dashboard or a real-time workflow. I’m sure you’ll think of even more uses we haven’t considered yet. :)

Here is the inventory of tools we’ve built so far. We’d love to get your feedback or ideas about what to build next. Let us know at

  • Metrics - Answer questions about events that happened over a single period of time. (For example: The number of users that signed up last month.)
  • Query Caching - Speed your queries up dramatically by asking us to cache them in advance! (for example: if you’ve got a high traffic dashboard that doesn’t need up-to-the-second accuracy)
  • Series - Analyze data over a period of time, broken into smaller periods of time. (For example: The number of users that signed up each day of the previous week.)
  • Group By - Analyze data grouped by a specific property.
  • Funnels - Analyze the drop-off rates of users as they progress through a set of steps. (For example: What is the conversion rate of users landing on the site to creating an account to upgrading their account?)
  • Data Extractions - Extract all or subsets of your data in its raw form.
  • List of Unique Properties - Get a list of unique property values from an event collection. (For example: Unique user names.)
  • Multi-Analysis - Perform multiple types of analyses over a defined data set in one API call.
  • Saved Queries - Save your metric, series, or funnel so you can reuse it later.

The analysis APIs have some common parameters that apply to all of them:

  • Authentication - Used to tell us who you are, so that unauthorized people can’t see your data.
  • Filters - Used to narrow down your data to the sub-selection based on event properties.
  • Timeframe - Used to narrow down your data to a sub-selection based on timestamp.
  • Timezone - Used to specify the timezone so your time filters retrieve the data relative to your time.
  • Interval - Used to specify the time intervals in a Series.

Please also check out Recipes for common analytics techniques like pageview tracking and retention analysis.

So, what are you waiting for? It only takes a few minutes and a few lines of code to start collecting the events that really matter to you.

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