Customer Facing Metrics Made Simple

Deliver powerful in-product analytics fast with minimal development time.

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Keen Makes Customer Facing Metrics As Easy as Copy + Paste

Dashboard Creator

Design Tools

Beautiful designs are a breeze with our simple design tools.

  • Keen’s Dashboard Creator lets you customize the look and feel of your reporting directly in our intuitive UI. When you’re happy with the charts, integrate it seamlessly into your application with a few clicks and snippets of code.
  • The open-source, visualization library gives you complete design flexibility so you can create custom customer-facing metrics down to each pixel-perfect spec.

Expert Guidance

Don’t have a design yet? Or just need a little bit of polish? Our in-house design team can help create mockups of best-in-class dashboards.

Low Overhead and Maintenance

Once your custom metrics are embedded, we’ll manage the maintenance that ensures your dashboards are operating smoothly. We’ll keep an eye on everything from security to scalability.

Role and Access Controls

Guarantee each of your users can only explore the data they need, with completely customizable permission tiers. Keys can be used to grant access to particular data points or the results of particular queries.

Customer-Facing Metrics Can Engage Your Customers in New Ways

Improve customer retention

The best way to keep a customer is to become indispensable. Highlight your value by leveraging event-based data to show your customers how often they rely on your product.

Attract Customer with Unique Features

Stay ahead of the competition with unique reporting features while the other guys trudge through their backlogs.

Optimize Your Customer's Usage

Help coach your customers to use your product in more productive ways through helpful metrics that guide their usage.

Monetize New Features and Capabilities

Create more value through differential features that your customers are willing to pay more for. Or, implement usage-based billing so their payments scale with their usage.