Query your data to find answers, insights, and metrics to embed for your customers.


Use data to super-charge your product.

Our compute platform lets you iterate quickly, find insights, and elevate your product.
Deliver personalized query results to your customers.
Build bespoke automated reporting features for your customers.
Provide enchanced lead scoring or custom data views.
Use data to help your customers make programmatic decisions.
“The implementation was pretty straightforward. Keen's library made accessing end points a lot easier, and we didn’t have to write them, just access. We found the query explorer useful to prototype queries directly in the browser instead of having to write and see if it would work.”
Senior Software Engineer
Intuitive REST API
Keen Compute offers core analytics functions like count_unique, min/max, median, average, segmentation, advanced filtering, and funnels. Our SDKs make it easy to query data from anywhere in your stack.
Full resolution queries & raw data download
Keen stores your data in full resolution and offers powerful querying and precise filtering. In a simple API request, you can even run full resolution extractions on precise segments of your data, and output to JSON or CSV format.
Build highly interactive visualization and charting
Keen Compute is designed to be compatible with any visualization, charting, or dashboarding library like Highcharts, D3, C3, Google Charts, and Chart.js.
Start building today.