What is it that you do exactly?

Think of us as an alternative to an in-house analytics database. Use Keen IO to record event data from anywhere in your business — your mobile app, website, billing system, backend servers, whatever. Our cloud database was built specifically to store event data — interactions that are happening all day, every day in your apps. Data that's too big to store in your application database. Data that will tell you what activities are happening in your app, how engaged your users are, and how well your business is doing.

We're not just a database though. We built powerful analytics APIs so that you can run counts, sums, funnels, averages, segmentation and much more, using simple queries. And our visualization tools allow you to draw and chart your data and display it in a custom dashboard, an analytics tab in your app, or white labeled for your customers. We were tired of setting up analytics infrastructure over and over again for each new project. We built this platform so we'd never have to do it again, and now you won't have to either!

What kinds of things can I track with Keen IO?

You can track any kind of interaction that is happening in your website, mobile app, or backend. Simply insert some code to start sending a particular event to Keen IO whenever it happens. For example, if you want to track button taps, you put some code in your app to send an event to Keen IO whenever someone clicks that button. Check out some code examples on our landing page. We do not offer "drop in" analytics SDKs that automatically start recording things for you.

We're trying to build analytics for our customers. Can we use Keen IO to do that?

Yes! Our visualization libraries allow you to query and display your data in your website, your customer's website, your mobile app, or wherever else you might need it. White label away!

How long does it take to set up analytics?

The technical integration to start sending data is pretty straightforward and can be done in less than a day. You specify which events to send and what properties they should have. Building yourself a custom dashboard can take a couple hours or days depending on the complexity. The part of analytics that takes up the most time is thinking about what is important to record in your app and how you will analyze that data. The important thing is to get started with the basics — tracking a few key events in your app like signups and purchases. It's easy to grow your capabilities over time, and once you get hooked on tracking a few things it will be obvious what to do next. We're happy to get on the phone and talk to you and your team about what you can do and how you should think about modeling your data.

Are you real time?

Yes. Your data is available within seconds. As soon as we receive events from you, you will be able to count them and run analysis on those events. The same goes for adding new event properties. As soon as you add a new property (e.g. user.age) to events, it will be available for filtering and segmentation.

Do you support funnels, segmentation, and cohort analysis?

Yes. We fully expose your data so you can do any type of analysis you want.

I already have a lot of event data. Can I upload it to Keen IO?

We'll take it! There are lots of ways to get your data into Keen IO. The easiest is probably Keen CLI which has a CSV and flat-file importer. You could also post data directly to our REST API, or use one of the many Keen IO client libraries, most of which support batch posting. We recommend posting in chunks of 5k events at a time. Now you have all your historical data accessible via API. Yay!

Do you have webhooks?

We don't currently push events, but we're interested in supporting this in the future. Some of our customers use tools like Zapier to do event-based automation.

Where are you located?

San Francisco. Want to meet up sometime?

What's your uptime?

We strive to maintain 99.9 uptime. Check out our system status page for current status and to signup for alerts.

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