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Groove Provides Analytical Insights to 8,000+ Customer Support Teams with Keen


Customer Success

"[Keen] sped up development time for a lot of “nice to have” features. [They] made building and conceptualizing new features super seamless."

Nick McCreath
Chief Product Officer

With Keen, Groove found a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution that could easily integrate with the existing platform.

In the beginning, many young businesses provide personal customer support through email or over the phone. However, as companies grow, it becomes more and more difficult to manage customer issues well without a purpose-built solution. There are powerful help desk applications on the market, but most are designed for well-established enterprises with complex needs and deep pockets. They aren’t viable for fast-growing businesses that have outgrown email, needing a powerful all-in-one helpdesk platform.

Keen client, Groove, plugs this gap and serves companies in transition that need a better way to manage client relationships with their shared inbox product, lower customer support with their knowledge base tool, and finally providing in easy-to-understand reports that help teams stay on top of the most important customer support metrics. 

By doing so, Groove enables companies such as BuySellAds, Unsplash & LessAccounting to offer amazing customer support experiences and build long-term brand loyalty with customers.

One of Groove’s most valuable features is its reporting suite, providing detailed analytics dashboards that feature elegant graphs and key data points. These simple dashboards help customer support teams understand how well they are performing in real time, as well as how customers feel about their experiences with the brand. By collaborating closely with Keen, Groove has been able to optimize its client-facing metrics and greatly increase the value of its services. 

Finding the right combination of performance and value

While building the newest version of Groove, released in June 2019, the team realised that building the new comprehensive reporting tool would not only be time consuming, but require lots of in depth knowledge of specialised knowledge and overhead.

After considering doing this completely in-house, the team realised the project would have required significant development time and financial investment – most of which would have to be focused on infrastructure and handling of the data.

“Building and managing infrastructure is really challenging, time consuming and requires a lot of overhead in maintaining and improving it.” said Nick McCreath, Chief Product Officer. “While that is critical, we still prefer focusing our development efforts on building features that empower our customers” 

Groove considered Amazon Web Services and its advanced suite of features. Again, the costs were too much to justify given the company’s needs and goals if they were to have it setup and implemented with all the features needed to provide a well-rounded solution. 

With Keen, Groove found a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution that could easily integrate with the existing platform. Rather than hire additional developers, take on infrastructure maintenance, and incur hosting costs, Groove leaned on Keen’s expertise to quickly deploy a comprehensive reporting solution that would enhance the platform’s value. 

“[Keen] sped up development time for a lot of “nice to have” features. [They] made building and conceptualizing new features super seamless,”  said McCreath. 

Groove’s clients have yet to experience any downtime with the dashboards or data analytics. “[We have] quiet customers because everything just works.” 

Groove empowers customer support teams through productivity insights

Groove’s dashboards are now a foundational component of the overall customer support platform, which serves enterprise clients in several ways. 

The company offers a shared inbox product through which support teams can collaborate to address customer issues. This inbox can integrate with a multitude of external applications so that staff can see and organize all brand interactions in a single place. These interactions are converted into data points that are then delivered through Keen’s dashboards. 

Groove also allows businesses to create comprehensive knowledge bases that proactively address the most commonly received questions. Knowledge bases can be customized to match client branding and synced with Keen dashboards so that customer support teams can study the effectiveness of their articles. 

Groove 2.0 elevating customer support to the next level

Groove is preparing to launch a variety of new analytical features, thanks to Keen. The company plans to deploy an AI-powered suggestion engine tied in with their Inbox & Knowledge base products. The platform will also allow custom reporting filters, data exports, and printable views in the near future. As a result, customer support teams will be able to dive even deeper into their day-to-day productivity. 

By delivering additional analytical insights seamlessly through the front-end experience, Groove will continue to help fast-growing businesses build meaningful customer relationships and increase overall satisfaction with their brands.