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ContentWRX Uses Keen to Help Companies Boost Their Content Strategy Game




Atlanta, GA

"Thanks to Keen, Content Science has been able to develop ContentWRX so that it meets the unique needs of end-users. "

Collen Jones

Keen client, Content Science, is a leading content strategy and intelligence firm that helps businesses make better content-related decisions. The company offers many products and services, including access to a proprietary, patented platform called ContentWRX

We are inundated with content today more than ever before. 

For businesses, this means it’s harder to grab the public’s attention and keep consumers engaged. Companies have to evaluate the effectiveness of their content regularly and ensure they are delivering value to customers at all times. Those who don’t risk becoming irrelevant in a world in which everyone is battling for attention. 

ContentWRX analyzes and scores the effectiveness of content that businesses produce on a scale of 1 to 100. With this information, companies are empowered to predict content effectiveness and fine-tune their broader content strategies. As a result, they can accelerate ROI across a variety of business lanes, including sales, marketing, and customer support. 

Much of the value that ContentWRX offers is in the dashboards and analytical insights that the system presents directly through the front-end user experience. ContentWRX clients can learn how to enhance the effectiveness of their content without having to export or manipulate any data themselves.

Thanks to Keen, Content Science has been able to develop ContentWRX so that it meets the unique needs of end-users. Now, the system is a crucial differentiator and continues to create significant value for the company. 

Flexibility Meets Agility

When Content Science first set out to develop what is now ContentWRX, the leadership team knew they needed an agile product. 

They wanted to provide customers with a 360-degree view of their content’s effectiveness, which meant ContentWRX needed to collect a wide variety of data. The system had to capture both customer feedback and customer behavior from distributed content. On top of that, ContentWRX had to present findings back to clients in a meaningful and digestible way. 

To address these needs, the Content Science team first looked into large-scale analytics solutions, including Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. However, these platforms didn’t offer the speed or flexibility that Content Science needed. Plus, going down this route would mean the company would have to develop an integration between ContentWRX and partner application. 

Content Science also considered building ContentWRX from scratch, but the system’s technical requirements would have taken a long time and significant capital to develop. 

So, Content Science turned to Keen. 

Keen allowed the team to test the full range of the platform’s capabilities in a sandbox. Content Science quickly found that Keen had a unique ability to capture key customer behavior data directly and generate valuable reports through the front-end experience. Keen’s capabilities also freed Content Science’s development team to focus on how consumer data would be scored and analyzed, rather than on how it would be collected. 

Together, Content Science and Keen developed the first version of ContentWRX and got it to market quickly. Since then, Keen has continued to help Content Science make improvements to ContentWRX so that it is more effective for customers.

Helping Clients Optimize Their Content Strategy

Rather than build a customer-facing analytics capability entirely from scratch or integrate with a third-party solution, Content Science has been able to take advantage of Keen’s capabilities. Today, ContentWRX can collect a multitude of consumer data points directly in the system beyond commonly used benchmarks, such as page views and clicks. ContentWRX clients are now able to understand how their customers engage with content on a much deeper level.

“We’ve used analytics and other tools to understand how people respond to our content, but ContentWRX has added a deeper layer of understanding that I think has really changed the way we make decisions about content. ContentWRX has been a gamechanger.” 

Kelley Graham on ContentWRX’s impact on the American Cancer Society

Primed for Growth

This year alone, ContentWRX has helped increase Content Science’s revenue by 20%. Next year, the company is anticipating even more growth thanks to the deployment of new advanced features.

With Keen’s help, Content Science will continue to enhance the value of its differentiated ContentWRX product and help clients develop better content for consumers.