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Twilio Partners with Keen IO to Provide Contact Center Analytics

Exciting news at the Twilio Signal Conference this week! Twilio announced they have partnered with Keen IO to provide out-of-the-box contact center reporting and analytics. Now contact centers have the essential dashboards and metrics needed to run a contact center. The add-on seamlessly integrates with Twilio TaskRouter to provide immediate visibility into contact center usage.

Interested in learning more? The Add-on includes out-of-the-box standard contact center reports, as well as an exploratory query interface and the ability to drill down into raw task data.

Login to install Keen IO Contact Center Analytics Add-on in Twilio’s marketplace, or checkout the product screenshots below!

Out of the box reporting on queues and channels
Agent performance dashboards
Historical performance heat maps
Full access to raw data and exploratory anaylsis

The Contact Center Analytics Add-on enables you to:

  • Monitor your contact center with out-of-the-box dashboards and email reporting
  • Explore deeper insights in your data with a point-and-click visual explorer — no code or knowledge of SQL required
  • Connect other data sources, like CSAT or revenue, to customize your reports
  • Share sets of metrics and unified KPIs across every team, project, and department
  • Automate workflows and build extensions on a well-documented API
Twilio Announcing the new Add-on in the SIGNAL Keynote

Happy analyzing! We can’t wait to see what you build! ❤

Login to install Keen IO Contact Center Analytics Add-on in Twilio’s marketplace.