The New And Improved Keen Community Slack


Keen launched our community Slack back in April 2015 to give our customers a space to share feedback, ask questions, test integrations and ideas, and connect with our team! Our customers have done some pretty amazing things with the Keen platform and we’ve built some awesome connections with this community.

However, over the last few months, we’ve noticed our Slack community is not developing into the thriving ecosystem we’d like it to be. Many of you in the Keen community are huge advocates of Keen, and we’re incredibly thankful to have you as our customers.

As we’ve thought more about how to nurture our community, we’ve decided to launch a customer engagement initiative to support you, the customer, and facilitate the growth of our community as a whole. We want to be more than just there for you, we want to build with you! To do that, we need to be present and more engaging in your conversations to connect with you on a real, more human level.


What’s new?

Our new and improved Slack Community will feature the latest Keen blog posts, updated channels, better conversations, product updates and announcements, increased response time, and stronger bonds between you our community and the Keen team.

As part of the initiative, we’ll also be announcing some sweet Keen swag giveaways and eventually a member advisory committee, to give you an increased ability to help shape the future of our product!


We are super excited!

Admittedly, we are extremely excited to have a closer and faster connection to all of you. We’re eager to see a different form of conversation and more engagement, and by reinvesting in our community efforts we feel it will be easier to connect and learn from one another!

The next steps would be to read through the Slack community guidelines to learn more about how our group functions and how to get the most out of the Keen Community. We can’t wait to see the conversations and collaborative projects that will come out of this new and improved way of collaborating.


Not part of the Keen Community yet? Join the conversation and connect with other data enthusiasts and Keen users today!