Product Spotlight: Keen IO Analytics for AppleTV and tvOS

The digital media industry is marked by regular change and reinvention. As platforms change in popularity and power, companies must invest in new distribution channels to grow and engage audiences. At Keen IO, we support our customers by staying ahead of these trends and ensuring our cloud analytics platform is tuned to deliver unique capabilities and insights that are contextually relevant to each new major channel.

In this product spotlight, we focus on our solution for Apple TV and tvOS.

When a media company embraces a new distribution channel, the investment is often significant while the ROI is uncertain because the tools to manage performance are new and unproven. More simply, employing generic analytics tools is like flying a plane without computer-guided instrumentation. How can you effectively measure mobile in-app user events if you are using a tool that was designed to track pageviews? Some developers creatively hack a stopgap solution, but there is a better way.

Here at Keen, we intentionally built our platform to collect and deeply analyze data from anything connected to the internet. Media companies love that, and they have a word for it: omnichannel. It is this omnichannel architecture that enabled our customers to rapidly adopt tvOS analytics, just as in the past customers used Keen to power analytics in new data environments like the Pebble smartwatchTI microcontrollers, and the NASA Mars rover.

As a case study of our Apple TV analytics solution, we interviewed Keen customer AJ+, Al Jazeera’s digital-only division. For AJ+, Apple TV represented a major opportunity to capture market share and grow audience, provided the company can analyze sentiment and engagement in the new channel.

With a mobile integration already in place, AJ+ was able to immediately add event tracking to their tvOS app and start analyzing user behavior on Apple TV at launch. As with all Keen integrations, the tvOS integration provided real-time insights that informed AJ+’s production decisions and gave them a leg up over the other media companies in the Apple TV app store, boosting engagement by 133%.

“With Keen, we didn’t need to wait around for a tool to create a specific SDK or launch support for an emerging platform like tvOS,” said AJ+ Platforms Manager Alberto Naranjo. “After an extensive vetting and selection process, we found that Keen is currently the only solution capable of providing the custom insights we needed without forcing us to build our own analytics infrastructure. Keen saves us a ton of time and helps us make data-informed production decisions with real-time information.”

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