Postmark is Winning New Customers With Customer-Facing Metrics

Postmark is a Philadelphia-based company that delivers transactional emails, such as password resets and welcome messages, for other businesses. What separates Postmark from the rest of the pack is how the company shares and uses its data. Postmark has cleverly used customer-facing metrics, embedded into their marketing website, to drive home their unique positioning.

All throughout the website, you can find an abundance of insights and metrics that articulate the value of the company’s services. This transparency has helped Postmark grow quickly and differentiate itself from competitors.

Postmark’s Customer-facing Metrics Reinforce Its Value Proposition

You don’t have to dig far to find Postmark’s customer-facing metrics.

The company publishes its performance right on the home page. Site visitors can see message delivery results across all major email platforms over the last 24 hours. And these statistics update in near real-time. When you refresh the page, chances are the numbers will have moved slightly.

Postmark real-time email speeds embedded right onto their marketing site.

By clicking on the “share the data publicly” link, site visitors can access additional detail on how all of the platform’s service lanes are performing, from Outbound SMTP to Web Apps. The “+” symbol on the right side of the service rows reveals response times for every minute of the day over the last 24 hours.

Underneath the line chart is a color-coded bar that indicates how overall performance was for each day over the last three months. Visitors can click on any non-green bars to learn what issues occurred on that particular day, as well as how long it took for those issues to get resolved.

By offering so much intel through the front-end experience, Postmark reinforces its value proposition for existing and future customers. The platform doesn’t just claim “lightning fast delivery” — it proves it with real data.

On top of that, Postmark doesn’t hide its mistakes. This helps build trust with potential clients and is undoubtedly a big reason why the company has scaled so successfully.

Providing Glimpses Into The Customer Experience

Postmark is especially good at delivering metrics in a way that can be easily understood.

The screenshot below shows how satisfied existing customers are with the Postmark platform. With a simple stacked bar, appropriate coloring, and clear categories, it’s obvious that the vast majority of clients are satisfied.

Postmark also provides screenshots of the client-facing user interface. Without having to sign up for a free trial or create any logins, potential customers can learn what it would be like to work with Postmark.

In the image below, we see a chart that summarizes outbound email performance over the month of February. This particular client can see how many emails were sent, how many were opened, and how many bounced without having to manipulate any data. To make things even easier, Postmark summarizes the graph’s key takeaways in three concise statements.

Postmark users can also create their own categories of transactional emails and easily see how their communications perform by segment. The platform will deliver customer-facing metrics through dashboards that clients build themselves.

In addition to highlighting the competency of its platform, Postmark also helps potential clients see how they could optimize their own experiences.

Postmark Tells The Whole Story With Customer-Facing Metrics

Postmark loves data.

With data, the company makes it incredibly easy for others to understand the value of its services. Postmark’s website is covered with easy-to-read charts, graphs, and metrics. Through these avenues, the platform’s successes and failures are available for the public to evaluate. Obviously, this strategy works in Postmark’s favor as the company delivers great services.

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