OSSAT Recap!

The 3rd annual Open Source Show and Tell is a wrap, and we had such a good time.

We kicked off the day with Mathias wowed us with the power of F#, .NET, and Visual Studio Code via some live coding, the demo gods were friendly on this day.

Ian Eyeberg gave us a thorough introduction with some good #jokes on the Emerging Unikernel Ecosystem.

Francesc, of Google fame, talked through a brief history of Open Source with some interesting behind the scenes details and an overview of how Google supports and uses OSS.

Nadia gave a stellar talk on the importance of creating a contributing template and shared this super useful guide for all to use.

There were lots of other excellent talks about things like the first ever open source voting platform and hacking PostgressSQL do to advanced data parsing, which is pretty handy if you don’t want to hang out in RegEx land all the time. Check out the rest of the topics here.

Big thanks to Beth and Microsoft for co-organizing and hosting. Stay tuned; we will be posting videos of the talks shortly.