One man burns, another drives…

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Morning all,

I’m Kirk, Keen’s unofficial Chief Fretting Officer. Dan kindly referred to me as one of the most level-headed people he knows. In reality, I’m just the guy who wears a collared shirt to the office every day. While that’s typically not a really bold statement, we just recently had to remind one of our team about the Must Wear Pants to Meetings rule.

Speaking of shirts and no pants, the other five members of the Keen team are off to Burning Man for the week. But, don’t worry, I’m holding down the analytics fort. And moving my life, a girlfriend, two pets, and more shit than can realistically fit in a San Francisco apartment from Seattle this week. NBD.

Although we’re clearly not making a lot of implementation-level progress at the company this week, the combination of Burning Man and relocation is a major step forward for us. As you’ve probably picked up from our other posts, we’re a creative team first. Business solutions flow from that. Getting me out of the process of 6am weekly flights from SEA to SFO and the rest of the team immersed in a panacea of creative culture can only yield dividends well in excess of the lost fingers-to-keyboard time.

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