No Dogma Podcast: A Different Way of Doing Business

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A very nice person named Bryan recently interviewed a few Keenies for his podcast, and the ensuing conversation turned out to be pretty darn interesting. So, we thought we’d share it here on the blog for your listening pleasure.

Lisa & Dan

Bryan spoke with Lisa and Dan on a variety of topics, providing a glimpse into Keen as a company, a culture, and a collection of humans — e.g., the experiment that is our organizational/operational model (is it holacracy? who knows!), our “less traditional” business strategies, and some triumphs, trials, and tribulations from along the way.


Bryan’s podcast lives alongside the No Dogma Blog, which collectively showcase “discussions [and] ideas on software development.” You can follow him on Github or listen to other podcasts about indie game development, machine learning, and the like.

If you have any questions or comments about the conversation within the interview, we’d love to hear ’em — fire away!

We’re totally open to discussing how we run our company and the unique challenges/opportunities that accompany a “different” approach to building a business.

And we love to learn from others, too! So, if you’re doing the self-organized, management-free, quasi-holocracy thing, and all of this sounds eerily familiar, let’s compare notes… =)

Leave a comment below, Tweet at us, visit our FB pagechat us up on Slack, or swing by our SF HQ for a high-five and a sparkling water.

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