Keen on Keen? Show Your Stack Some Love With StackShare

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StackShare, formerly Leanstack, is a place to share and discuss software stacks. They do an amazing job of categorizing the tools that companies use to build their products.

And — this is neat — they tell you who uses what. Even traditional companies like The New Yorker are opening up about their stack.

Transparency FTW.

Here’s the StackShare page for Keen IO, and a link to the Analytics Category. The checkboxes tell you what people like:

StackShare lets you say what’s great about each tool or service. You can also add reviews and claim your personal stack.

If you’re feeling keen on Keen, or any of the other tools in your toolbox, head over to StackShare now and tell the world why.

Is it our good looks? My awful puns? The API easter eggs? Our obsession with support? Only you can decide!

UPDATE: StackShare is trending! It’s at #2 on Product Hunt today, a popular site that also lets you vote for your favorite stuff.

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