Keen IO Teams Up with Texas Instruments and Technical Machine to Bring Analytics to IoT

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We are pleased to announce that Keen IO just recently became part of Texas Instruments’ IoT ecosystem! Texas Instruments (or TI), as you probably know, makes the stuff inside of the stuff that we use everyday — chips and processors and the like — so we’re super proud that, as one of their IoT partners, we’ll now be able to help more people than ever collect data and learn from their Internet-connected devices.

A little while back we mentioned that we are now fully integrated with Technical Machine’s awesome Tessel microcontroller, which allows developers to build IoT devices with all sorts of cool sensor modules. But the thing about IoT devices is… well, they need to be able to connect to the Internet. (You can tell this is going to be an extremely technical post, right?) IoT devices need access to Wi-Fi, and that’s sort of tricky when you’re working with microcontrollers like Tessel, just in terms of power consumption and memory.

Tessel has a terrific JavaScript engine built into it, allowing you to build all sorts of great stuff with Node.js. But, on a tiny little microcontroller like Tessel, which is purposely designed to be small and simple, that doesn’t leave a lot of memory left over to get Wi-Fi access to connect to the cloud. That’s where Texas Instruments’ SimpleLink Wi-Fi comes in. By combining a Wi-Fi radio processor and full wireless networking stack into a single chip, SimpleLink Wi-Fi provides wireless connectivity to microcontrollers like Tessel, basically making IoT devices like Tessel possible.

With Keen fully integrated into Tessel, IoT developers can apply powerful analytics to the data streaming in from Tessel’s sensor modules. And, since we all play so well together, Keen IO and Technical Machine have now joined TI’s IoT ecosystem, so that more people than ever can create their own amazing IoT devices, collect data from them, and learn from them.

Here at Keen, we have been nerding out over TI ever since we got our first graphing calculators, so we couldn’t be any prouder to be one of their partners in IoT. We can’t wait to see what IoT developers build, measure, and learn, as they start to create things with Technical Machine, TI, and us! If you want to learn more about the partnership, check out this press release from TI. And if you want to see how to get started with Keen IO on Tessel, check out this how-to guide from Technical Machine.

If you have any questions about how Keen IO works with the TI ecosystem, feel free to drop me a line at caroline_at_keen_dot_io.

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