Keen is Joining the Scaleworks family

Today we’re excited to share that we’re starting a new chapter and joining the Scaleworks family.

Keen set out to empower developers with a custom analytics platform and the most seamless SaaS tool out there for data-handling. We created a periscope into user activity that we’re really proud of. We’ve helped companies easily build and embed all sorts of analytics for teams and customers, and we often power the dashboards in your favorite SaaS tools. It has been fulfilling knowing end-users rely on us for insights and that we help our customers make better decisions and build better products.

The Scaleworks team lives and breathes growing SaaS and has a great track record with businesses at our stage. They bring a ton of collective experience, and a focus on strategic direction, identifying and scaling efficiencies, specific innovation around market/customer demand, and business fundamentals. Given where we are and the path ahead, the combination just makes sense. There might be some things you’re wondering about. Yes, we’re going to continue to invest in product development, platform performance, and service levels. Our ethic around customer success remains as strong as ever, and is a core principle of Scaleworks’ also. Please let us know if you have any questions.

We’re thankful to the founding team that set the vision and got us here, and to our customers, and we now have our eyes on the future to take Keen to the next level. With an appreciation for what got Keen to where we are, we’re excited to fulfill Keen’s potential going forward.