Keen Instant Analytics for Web

Keen IO Instant Analytics for Web

Drop in this tracking snippet to effortlessly collect key web interactions like pageviewsclicks, and form submissions

Want to quickly test out Keen? Need to get a quick sense of the key interactions on your website or web app? You’re in luck! We just released an Auto-Collector for Web.

What does it do?

  • Drop in snippet to automatically collect key web interactions
  • Auto tracks pageviewsclicks, and form submissions
  • Auto enriches events with with information like referrers, url, geo location, device type, and more

Ready to get started? Copy-paste the following snippet into your website or web app’s <head> tag. Be sure to substitute and <YOUR_PROJECT_ID> and <YOUR_WRITE_KEY>. Make sure this snippet loads on every page where you want to collect data. It will load asynchronously so that it doesn’t affect page load speed.

Once live, you’ll see data flowing into your Keen project within seconds. Check out our guide to learn more.

Happy Tracking!

Update: Once your data is flowing, you try out our new, free Auto-Collector Dashboard, learn more about it here.