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How Untappd is Keeping A Community Connected Through a Brand New Virtual Global Venue

Over the past few weeks, at least a third of the world’s population has been in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While many are adjusting to a new at-home routine, few people are equipped to deal with long-term isolation. Thankfully technology, and companies like Untappd, are bringing us closer together, even when we are so far apart.

Untappd provides businesses a platform to publish beer menus and events to millions of beer enthusiasts and provides analytics and reporting, powered by the Keen event data management platform. Untappd for Business includes several features including quickly sharing beer menus with the world, maximizing visibility to drive new customers, and up-to-date publishing to Untappd, Twitter, & Facebook.

With many companies changing their business models to adapt to social distancing, Untappd developed new initiatives to do their part to provide an easy, searchable place for local communities to support their favorite breweries, bars, restaurants, and taprooms with a list of resources and ways to help support them. Greg’s List, a nod to their founder Greg Avola, is a national list of all venues on Untappd to show you if the business is offering delivery, take-out or curbside delivery as well as gift cards and more ways to support local businesses.

Untappd’s second initiative was aimed at consumers. To help bring people together they introduced a brand new in-app venue called “Untappd at Home.” When users download the app they can “check-in” the beer they just had delivered or picked up curbside and share that information with the Untappd community. On top of check-ins with your favorite beer, you can see what your Untappd friends are having at home, plus search a list of Untappd-hosted events including weekly virtual Untappd Happy Hour!

“The Untappd at Home venue has brought in the most check-ins that the platform has ever seen,” said Kyle Roderick, Senior Vice President, Product at Untappd. The inspiration for this virtual venue came from the Untappd team wanting to make a difference in a socially responsible way, bringing people together to connect in a casual and lighthearted way.

“It’s great to kind of push the boundaries of what we consider a venue, while creating a new kind of community that allows for camaraderie with people to engage in from home,” said Roderick.

On the Chargify and Keen team, we have several employees who actively use Untappd. Taryn Stark, Design Manager at Chargify, says Untappd has been one of his essential apps for navigating self-quarantine. “With the lockdown preventing my friends and I from getting together to socialize and share a beer, Untappd at Home has helped me keep up with what my friends are drinking and what I should try next. Untappd has also been a huge help in seeing what is available at different breweries and stores without having to shop in-person, making placing orders for pick up all that much easier,” said Stark.

With the future of venues uncertain at this time, Untappd is continuing to look to the future. They are currently offering 20% off their online merchandise store when you use the code UNTAPPDATHOME. Whether you’re part of the beer community or looking for a new experience, Untappd at Home will continue to give people a way to connect and drink socially while staying safe as we navigate this unprecedented time.