How companies are delivering reporting and analytics to their customers

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Today’s users of technology expect stats and charts in each and every one of their favorite apps and websites. Many companies are turning advanced analytics into a paid feature, while others are bundling analytics into their core product to improve engagement and retention. Keen’s Native Analytics lets every company differentiate with data and analytics that are truly native to their product.

In this on-demand webcast you’ll learn:

  • Key applications of Native Analytics and how companies like Triptease, Bluecore, and SketchUp use Native Analytics to deliver analytics to their users, right within their products and drive ROI
  • Why ease of use and the right capabilities are crucial to your success
  • Key considerations for a successful Native Analytics implementation

How companies deliver embedded analytics and real-time reporting for their customers

Don’t forget to download the Native Analytics checklist.

Thinking about adding Native Analytics to your product or want to improve your existing implementation? Contact us for a free consultation!

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