Event Data Saves NYU Student Elections

It’s always fun to see new and creative ways people are using Keen IO.

Morgante Pell, a student at NYU, created a voting app to handle the NYU student elections. It was a simple Node JS app with MongoDB datastore. At the very last minute, he decided to instrument the app with Keen IO quick so he could potentially run some analytics on the votes collected.

About halfway through the election, their database experienced issues and it stopped recording votes. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to recover the lost data. Needless to say, it was a tense moment. Luckily, Morgante remembered the data they were sending to Keen IO. With that, they were able to get the results of the election by running some simple queries from the Keen IO workbench!

We love it when customers use our technology in ways we haven’t thought of — it’s one of the awesome things about building flexible APIs. Let us know of awesome ways you’ve used event data and analytics!

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